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2017 第四屆入堂名人


陳潤波(游擊第一名手 1930~2011)




Chen Run-Po (1930~2011)

Taiwan’s best-ever shortstop 

Mr. Chen Run-Po was an outstanding Taiwanese baseball player, reputed as “Taiwan’s No.1 Shortstop” over the years from 1950s to 60s. Between 1954 and 1963, Chen had been chosen five times as a national player of Taiwan National Team in the Asian Baseball Championship. After retiring from playing, Chen began to coach and had been general coach of local amateur’s baseball teams, such as Taipower, R.O.C.Navy, Taiwan Cooperative Bank, Chinese Culture University, and Coconut Biscuit.

Following the founding of the Chinese Professional Baseball League, Chen had served as convener of the league’s technical committee at its budding stage.

Disciplined in self-restraint in his daily life, Chen also played an important role in promoting softball in the country. Chen worked always with all his heart and energy. As a baseball forerunner, Chen had dedicated his whole life to baseball.

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