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2020 第七屆入堂名人


吳明捷(棒球麒麟子 1911~1983)



Wu Ming-Chieh (1911~1983)

The Genius of Baseball  

Wu Ming-Chieh joined the Kano Baseball Team in 1931 as primary pitcher and the fourth batter, went to Japan for the National High School Baseball Championship at Hanshin Koshien Stadium, and won the second place as well as his personal fame throughout Japan. Later he joined the Baseball Team of the Waseda University. In 1936, he won the Best Hitter award in the autumn tournament of Tokyo Big6 Baseball League and tied the batting record of seven homeruns in individual records of the League. After graduation from the Waseda University, he first worked in the Taiwan Development Co. Ltd. and later resigned to start his own career in commerce. He was married to a Japanese wife but retained the ROC nationality all his life.

李憲宗(強投鐵人 1939~)



Li Hsien-Tsung (1939~)

Powerful Pitcher and Iron Man 

Li Hsien-Tsung was already flexing his wonder arms during the high school days. A powerful pitcher as well as batter, he once pitched for four games in a row. He participated in Asian Baseball Championship for four times as primary pitcher, earning him the reputation of iron man on the baseball diamond. His golden era came with the fifth Asian Baseball Championship in 1963, when he dominated the Korean, Japanese, and Philippine teams: Li pitched for five games in five days and even shut out the Korean team, the home team. Local media praised him as “the best pitcher in Asia,” a reputation still talked about today.

莊勝雄(鐵臂投手 1959~)



Chuang Sheng-Hsiung (1959~)

Pitcher with Iron Arms 

As a student in Fu Jen Catholic University, Chuang made an astonishing record of throwing for 21 innings, an achievement that won him the nickname of “pitcher with iron arms.” He also made several records in international games. In the Intercontinental Cup in Belgium in 1983, he threw a nine-inning and won the game with 13:1 against the Cuban team; in the World Cup of 1984, he again threw a nine-inning and lost only one hit; it was the first win of ROC team against US team in official international games. In 1985, Chuang joined the Chiba Lotte Marines and dominated Japan with his butterfly ball, making the top record of achieving 50 wins in only 5 years; he was the only Taiwanese expatriate baseball player in Japan to make such achievement in so short a time.




Kuo Tai-Yuan (1962~) 

Oriental Expres 

Hsu Sheng-ming gained national fame since his early days while playing national teams at little league games internationally. He was also known as one of the few Taiwanese players who played at a South Korean amateur team who even received a master degree at Seoul’s Chung-Ang University. 

But he was most famous for his achievements in coaching at Taiwan’s professional baseball leagues. He was the youngest team manager in Chinese Professional Baseball League (CPBL) history and the first manager to lead a pro team for three consecutive CPBL championships when did that with Wei-Chuan Dragons from 1997 to 1999.

Hsu held the record for number of wins with 715 victories in the two professional baseball leagues of Taiwan. Known as “Baseball Magician,” Hsu, one of the outstanding baseball talents, had achieved so much in his relatively short but versatile life.

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