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2021 第八屆入堂名人


杜勝三(不凡的二刀流 1942~)




TU Sheng-San (1942~)

Extraordinary Two-Way Player 

Raised in the neighborhood of Tainan Baseball Stadium, Mr. TU Sheng-San and his four brothers were brought into the world of baseball by their father during their childhood. With his height only at 166cm (5’5”) and constantly weight no more than 60kg (132 pounds), Mr. Tu’s inconspicuous figure however generated outstanding power with exceptional control on the mound as an ace pitcher. Mr. Tu also belted 12 homeruns in his career and was regarded as an outstanding two-way player of his era.

Mr. Tu’s baseball career was established with solid foundation laid by his coach CHEN Ching-Chuan of Nan-Ying Vocational School. Playing for Cooperative Bank, Mr. Tu was able to settle down, and later became the manager of Taipei Huaxing High School, winning world championships in junior and senior baseball during his tenure. With the support from Cooperative Bank, Mr. Tu was able to establish a happy and blessed family en route to fulfill a complete and perfect life.

謝明勇(正派勇伯 1947~)




HSIEH Ming-Yung (1947~)

Upright Uncle Tough 

Mr. HSIEH Ming-Yung is the first Taiwanese player to be named an All-Star Player twice in world tournaments. He was known for being an upright and honorable person in baseball. Mr. Hsieh spent all his baseball career with Cooperative Bank from his playing days to becoming the manager of the team. He worked his way from a temporary staff to senior manager in the office and was known for upholding the principle of honor and faith, maintaining his integrity, and devoting himself to baseball for his entire life.

 “Uncle Tough” did not start to receive formal baseball trainings until his high school days. With extraordinary talent and diligent practice, Mr. Hsieh became known for his speed and bat on the field. He believes that a second expertise is a necessity for an athlete in addition to his or her athletic skills on the field, he not only practiced his belief but also advocate such principle to younger generation of players. Being just, fair and impartial is how Mr. Hsieh established his character in baseball.

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